Floods of Fear (1959)

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Floods of Fear poster

Floods of Fear - 1959 | 84 mins | Drama | B&W

The Production Team

Director: Charles Crichton.
Producer: Sydney Box.
Script: John Hawkins. (from the novel Floods of Fear by Ward Hawkins)
Cinematography: Christopher Challis.
Editing: Peter Bezencenet.
Art Direction: Cedric Dawe.
Costume: Joan Ellacott.
Makeup: Department: Pearl Orton and W.T. Partleton.
Sound Department: Bill Daniels, John W. Mitchell and Desmond Saunders.
Original Music: Alan Rawsthorne.

The Cast

Howard Keel - Donovan
Anne Heywood - Elizabeth Matthews
Cyril Cusack - Peebles
Harry H. Corbett - Sharkey
John Crawford - Jack Murphy
Eddie Byrne - Sheriff
John Phillips - Dr. Matthews
Guy Kingsley Poynter - Deputy Sheriff
James Dyrenforth - Mayor
Gordon Tanner - Lt. Colonel
A rarely seen film from Charles Crichton, the director of popular British comedies such as 'The Lavender Hill Mob' and 'A Fish Called Wanda', Crichton manages to establish an appropriately solemn atmosphere for this film, but even so, it is only passable viewing overall. There are some fine bits of drama woven into the tale, however the film has a tendency to be unrealistically melodramatic, and the dull, heavy-handed narration is no help. The floods effects are great though, and together with apt music, the film has a fair few moments of great power. It is only intermittently intense though, and the plot is completely predictable, with a typical love interest and obvious plot twists. Fans of Crichton or the cast members might find something interesting here. It is pretty watchable - just not especially well made.
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Any guesses on who this is?
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In a role tailor-made for Stanley Baker - especially with John Crawford as his nemesis - barrel-chested Howard Keel in his first post-musical role does rather well as the strong, taciturn Donovan, determined to take his chance to get the man who framed him. As his fellow-con, the vicious Peebles, Cyril Cusack is suitably creepy, and Anne Heywood, in the token helpless-girl role has the personality to avoid being vaccuous. Only Harry H.Corbett as the injured prison guard, fails to convince, defeated both by his pompous role and his doubtful Canadian accent. The whole film is underwater, and the studio scenes are interwoven perfectly with stock footage of the actual floods the film portrays. This is ,to my mind,cinema story-telling at its best, a well-written screenplay ,characters clearly delineated without undue exposition, plotting that holds the interest, and a tense climax. If Stanley Baker had starred in it, perhaps it would not have been so grossly underestimated and so unjustly forgotten.

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