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Falmouth School of Art

English Patient

Dennis Lowe setting up Newel 35mm camera with bi pack mag


I formed the company Arkadon with Nick Pollock to film a travelogue around the Solar System called 'Spaceworks', between us we developed our own Motion Control System to enable the use of repeatable camera moves using what was then the latest technology. Brian Johnson joined us after Spaceworks and he helped the company move forward into the feature film arena. Our system was based on the computer 'Ohio Superboard' and held a massive 4K of ram (expandable to 8K!), with this we were able to carry on the use of our makeshift system to film visual effects sequences for a wealth of commercials and movies such as:

Neverending Story, Legend, Alien II, Labyrinth,American Way,Slipstream.

After 10 years of Arkadon I spent two years in Italy to pursue interests in fresco painting and wood sculpture until I returned to the supervision side of visual effects, by that time the digital technology had come of age with the arrival of Computer Film Company and Cinesite (a Kodak company) and there I worked on my first true digital film 'First Knight'. There was a lot to learn and this is where I truly felt at home, it meant that it was possible to control the whole of the post production process from the desktop and I believe that in film terms this era will be known for it's giant leap from the dark ages.


Ivory Tower from Neverending Story

Ivory Tower floating in space amongst the debris in 'Neverending Story'

Close up Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower close up (note the high tech cotton wool clouds) 'Neverending Story'

Narcissus docking with Nostromo

Narcissus docking underneath Nostromo ship (Joe Bruton did a great job lighting) on 'Alien II'

747 for Medusa Touch

Jumbo 747 model for the movie 'Medusa Touch'- Nick Allder and Brian Johnson supervised

747 crashes into block of flats

Jumbo crashes into the block of flats for the 'Medusa Touch'

Map Of Human Heart

I was Model Lighting Cameraman on 'Map Of The Human Heart' with Special Effects Supervisor Richard Conway.

Wide shot of Camalot for First Knight

King Arthur and his knights leave Camelot in 'First Knight'

Gateway to Camalot

Model of Camelot filmed at Shepperton Studios for the movie 'First Knight'

B52 model for American Way

Model B29 'American Way'

Nose B52 'American Way'

Close up B29 Super-fortress

Loading Mitchell Vistavision

Loading the Mitchell Vistavision camera

The Tannery - Perfume

The Tannery - 'Perfume'

Pont au Change - Perfume

Pont Au Change - 'Perfume'

'Cold Mountain': scene where the troops are trapped inside the giant crater wall.
Cold Mountain - troops hit crater wall

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