Wash Hill (gum bichromate with added watercolours) Ruth in Stockwell (gum bichromate with watercolours)
Fruit on printed table plastic02 Fruit on printed table plastic03
Silent Energy (hybrid watercolour and inkjet) Trees in mist - Wooburn Green (gum bichromate with watercolours)
Souls becoming weeds  - Wooburn Green Cemetry (gum bichromate with watercolours) Apples study (gum bichromate with watercolours)
Mas Pau, Spain cloth study
k garden, Falmouth (watercolour) Rushing flower - watercolour
Durgen Beach-Helford Passage Delphinia
Lane in Forty Green - watercolour High in the woods - Kay (watercolour)
Pink foxgloves (watercolour) Hawkshill - Bourn End (watercolour)
Dot with washing (watercolour) In thought (watercolour)
Teatime at Melinsey Mill, Cornwall (watercolour) River Wye in Wooburn Town (watercolour)
Autumn woods (watercolour) Horton Woods (watercolour)
on top of 'Jacob's Ladder' Falmouth selection of vegatables
Me with Sue Dacre's cat (acrylic)
Lake at Cliveden (watercolour) Secret Garden - Cliveden (watercolour)
Carnival in Margherita (acrylic)
back garden fence fence 02
Crucifixion with perm (acrylic)
Mags back garden Silver Birch My back garden - willow tree
Madonna icon (watercolour) Jesus icon (watercolour)
Marilyn in dreams (oil) Slatefish (acrylic)
Caught in the Opera
daffs flower study
bowl of grapes - Prague Daffodils back garden
Caught in the Stargate

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